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Our Mission:


There are 28 million small businesses in the United States. Only 4% of those companies ever exceed $1 million in sales. Scale Up Louisville was created to help more businesses in our community join the 4% Club.


Our Mission

Scale Up Louisville is a program of the Louisville Small Business Development Center. We are focused on helping entrepreneurs sharpen their strategic thinking skills as they plan for growth and build sustainable businesses.


Are you ready to accelerate your success?

Is your business as profitable as it could be?  Do you spend too much time working in your business instead of on your business?  Are you working too hard and too many hours?

 Scale Up Louisville will help you overcome obstacles while building the foundation to take your business to the next stage through executive-level business education and by forging valuable new relationships with peers and advisors.


A well-designed strategic plan can improve business performance, increase profits and focus your efforts. Working with class instructors and your personal mentor, you’ll examine every element of your business, outline goals and objective, create and action plan, and lay out the expected results.


During the course, you’ll also work with peers and advisors to address common challenges facing many businesses:

•Managing growth

•Succession planning

•Securing capital

•Adapting to rapidly changing markets

•Holding your own in the face of still competition

•Identifying a “better way” to do things


increase in sales



Additional employees



industry profits

Powerful Tools For Serious Business Leaders

You’ll first analyze your business from top to bottom.  Once you establish your baseline, you’ll analyze the market and identify new opportunities for growth whether it is expanding into new products and services or finding new ways to increase revenue with existing offerings.  Finally, you’ll analyze your operations to make sure it can withstand the growth strains and determine where and how much growth capital you’ll need to achieve your goals.  You’ll craft a plan to keep you focused and monitor progress. 

Since any plan is worthless without execution,  you will join a professionally facilitated monthly Performance Roundtable group to provide ongoing support and advice as you implement your plan.  They’re like your personal advisory group for the next 12 months.


The Program

Scale Up Louisville is a 12-month, results-orientated process that delivers concentrated executive level business education, execution support and exceptional networking opportunities.   Scale Up is a program for businesses in the Greater Louisville region that are poised for growth and need support and guidance to take their business to the next level. The first 12-week intensive program includes 10 modules and two meet ups with service providers. All sessions are led by an experienced facilitator and feature experts and local entrepreneurs who bring real world expertise at running a successful business in this market.


The first three modules

Entrepreneurs focus on analyzing their current business situation and deciding on a strategic direction for their business. including building a business around personal goals for wealth management.


The program also features a business assessment from the Small Business Development Center Team and access to industry reports ($1500 value).

The seven remaining modules

Guide entrepreneurs to evaluate each major aspect of their business. They take apart the business, analyze the pieces, and put it back together to create the alignment needed to support their vision and strategic direction.

long-term support

The cohort participants in each session will have the opportunity to participate in a Performance Roundtable a year beyond the 12-week program to continue meeting with peers and a professional facilitator to share best practices. Participants will also have access to one-on-one meetings and on-going support from the Small Business Development Center.

The Spring 2020 Cohort classes will begin in February and be held at Sullivan University’s campus on Bardstown Road. The cost of the program is $895 or less than $75 a month. Scholarships are available.


Are you ready to outpace your competition?

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